Continuous Improvement and Monitoring System

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The Continuous Improvement and Monitoring System (CIMS) was designed to help intermediate and local districts analyze and interpret data and keep track of all monitoring activities in a single location. CIMS promotes positive learning outcomes for diverse learners and ensures compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education.

CIMS reflects the priorities of the IDEA and the State Performance Plan (SPP) and is aligned with the School Improvement Framework.

The Office of Special Education, along with intermediate and local school districts, use CIMS reports to:

  • Analyze overall performance around individualized education programs (IEPs).
  • Analyze compliance.
  • Review high rates of suspensions and expulsions and overall graduation rates among students with disabilities.
  • Improve district-level educational services and performance of special education students.

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