Michigan Special Education Mediation Program

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The Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MSEMP) provides services through the Community Dispute Resolution Program, a network of 19 conflict resolution centers across the state. MSEMP provides mediation, facilitation, and training services for working through disputes between school districts and parents or guardians of children with special needs, so that children with disabilities promptly receive the services they need to develop and succeed in school.

The mediation process is intended to resolve disputes by sharing ideas on what the student needs, versus placing blame. The process helps to find solutions for the good of the student in a non-legal way, thereby avoiding a lengthy and expensive court process. Mediation is voluntary and has to be agreed to by both the parent and the school district. Parents initiate nearly 60 percent of all MSEMP mediations.

MSEMP is administered by Dispute Resolution Education Resources, Inc., a Lansing-based nonprofit organization.

For more information about the Michigan Special Education Program, go to http://msemp.cenmi.org.